Preserving our heritage through nostalgia.

The goal of Gertie Lou Vintage Co. is to create products that spark memories of the past.

When people don’t pass on their stories and experiences their memories are lost. Boxes of photos sit in the closets of our grandparents. Those photos contain the stories of our ancestors, the stories that we need to preserve to share with the future generations.

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Here are just a few examples of the merchandise Gertie has for sale.

We have an ever expanding repertoire of nostalgic t-shirts. These t-shirts are our way of capturing the past and preserving the memory. The images they hold reflect our ancestors, true stories, and our history;  these t-shirts are engaging, and they allow you to keep your history alive through conversation.

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Learn all about the
Gertie Lou Vintage Co.

The company was founded by Adriane Baker and Delissa Dodd, two friends born in the wrong era.  After meeting almost a decade ago, they quickly realized they had a mutual appreciation for all things vintage, ranging from linens, hankies, books, ephemera, silverware, jewelry, and home furnishings.

Gertie Lou Vintage Co. was born with the idea of creating t-shirts with vintage imagery. Being founded in Joplin, MO made it the logical starting point to be represented through these images.


Find out where Gertie has been trading her goods and how you can get some for yourself.

If you’re looking for some Gertie Lou Vintage Co. products in Joplin, MO , you will be easily able to find us located at the Blue Moon Boutique!

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